Podcast | behind the screens – behind the scenes: A Model World

In the second episode of “behind the screens – behind the scenes: A Model World”, Olga Felker talks to curators Julia Kaganskiy and Juliette Bibasse about their research project “A Model World”, which was developed as part of the new Media Art Fellows programme. Julia and Juliette’s fellowship was based at the Stiftung Zollverein (Essen). It focuses on techniques for changing the climate, commonly known as geoengineering. Find the Podcast here.

Podcast | behind the screens – behind the scenes Forms of Kinship

In the new podcast episode with Olga Felker we learn more about the exciting research of Media Art Fellow Kris Dittel (Rotterdam), who together with Aneta Rostkowska, director of Temporary Gallery, Center for Contemporary Art (Cologne), has launched the project Forms of Kinship. Kris and Aneta, as well as other invited guests, will approach diverse forms of kinship and social relationships beyond the traditional nuclear family in a variety of ways in a study group. Listen to the podcast here

Podcast | behind the screens – behind the scenes “CASSETTE UNDERGROUND”

For the third episode behind the screens – behind the scenes, journalist Olga Felker met media art fellow Wouter de Romph at the Inter Media Art Institute in Düsseldorf to learn more about the project The Cassette Underground, which is working intensively on this topic as part of a media art fellowship from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Foundation director Linnea Semmerling also has her say, and together with the musicologist and DJ invited by IMAI she talks about the special role of cassettes, the networks of the 1980s associated with them, and the Foundation’s conservational responsibility. Find the Podcast here.


Bereits im vergangenen Jahr startete unsere Online-Serie CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, in der einige Last year, we started our online series CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, in which some artists from this field are introduced in dialogue. This year, the series continues: In episode #3, the Essen-based artist Axel Braun talks about his work in the field of the Anthropocene. Click here for the episode!

Please note: The English Version will be uploaded shortly!


It won’t be long now before the CALL FOR PROJECTS for the two funding programmes “Medienkunstfonds” and “Medienkunstfellows” is online. As in the previous round, we are looking for cooperative projects in media art and digital culture from institutions and independent initiatives in NRW. As soon as it’s ready, you’ll find out here, on social media and in the newsletter.

New double episode CLOSE ENCOUNTERS online!

With curators Kerstin Meincke and Nada Schroer, Nico Joana Weber and Vanja Smiljanić, the two Media Art Fellows of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (2018 and 2019), talk about selected works from recent years and what moves their working process. You can access Nico’s episode here. Vanja’s episode can be found here!

Revisited: Reservate der Sehnsucht #essay

The essay “Approaches (around the Dortmunder U)” written by Daniel G. Andújar is online. The original Spanish version of the text can be downloaded as a PDF. The English and German translations are available in the online magazine.


We are happy to welcome the artist duo Jana Kerima Stolzer and Lex Rütten on our channels! Starting Monday, May 31, the two will take over for a week and take us into their work and everyday life. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you!

The first deadlines for the Medienkunstfonds and Medienkunstfellows are over! Thank you for the numerous submissions. We are looking forward to exciting projects and will keep you posted!