Podcast behind the screens – behind the scenes | Audience Participation Lab


Podcast behind the screens – behind the scenes | Audience Participation Lab


Several projects have been selected as part of the new Media Art Fund and Media Art Fellows funding programmes. What do they all have in common? A co-operative mindset and the ambition to use media art and digital culture to investigate current issues and developments in the fields of art, technology and society. In the second series of the podcast, journalist Sophie Emilie Beha wants to find out from the people involved what other ideas and goals lie behind the projects of art and cultural institutions and initiatives from all over NRW. In behind the screens – behind the scenes, she talks to artists, curators and researchers from NRW about topics that concern and affect them. They conduct research together: into the essential, the hidden, points of friction and interfaces with society that can be found in the projects.

For the latest episode of the Podcast behind the screens – behind the scenes  journalist Sophie Emilie Beha visits Berlin to talk to creative technologist and media art fellow Lisa Passing and Maren Becker from the theatre and performance network STERNA | PAU about their project Audience Participation Lab. As part of the project, they jointly developed digital tools for productions that combine theatre and computer games in a playful way. In a WG’s kitchen, Sophie, Maren and Lisa talk about what theatre and gaming can learn from each other and what experiences they have had in the fusion of these two genres outside classical dramaturgy. Especially for the release of this podcast episode, the digital archive of the production trolllike will also be reopened for your visit here. Find out what it’s all about, what the description rogue-like actually means and which country Maren is working in this summer in the new episode.

Lisa Passing works as creative technologist and artist with a focus on interaction with technology on an individual and societal level. They combine experience in software and video game development with activism as well as policy work around open source and open data. They is a member of the feminist hacker collective Heart of Code.
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Maren Becker is performance artist, musician and production manager in Bochum. They studied cultural studies and theatre studies as well as the MA Staging the Arts and the Media in Hildesheim. Maren is focusing on political performances, feminism and the emancipatory potential of DIY musical production and Bass playing. In the past they worked for I can be your translator, PENG Kollektiv, HELIOS Theater Hamm and Hiraeth Kollektiv. Maren is part of STERNA | PAU.

STERNA | PAU is a theatre and performance network from Bochum, Dortmund and Berlin. The artists create theatre for young people and adults and are constantly trying out new forms of participation. They enjoy working with non-human actors and transferring theatre into digital spaces. The focus is primarily on living together and relationships in all forms, as well as the question of how these are shaped by technology, digitality and pop culture. STERNA | PAU is a theatre collective that produces queer-feminist performances for young audiences that deal with topics such as mythology, punk, digitalisation and music. They are searching for ways to develop feminist storytelling and feminist dramaturgy. STERNA | PAU’s works have been invited to the WESTWIND Festival, FAVORITEN Festival and HAU4 Artist Lab, among others. The collective is part of the Freischwimmen network and is working together with FFT Düsseldorf on the current productions ghostlike and trolllike.
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Sophie Emilie Beha is a multimedia music journalist. She works in various contexts, including music, text, language, curation, improvisation, dramaturgy and poetry. Sophie moderates festivals, concert introductions, podcasts and panel discussions. She is also an author and presenter for various public broadcasters. Furthermore, she curates interdisciplinary events, realizes transmedia compositions and works as a dramaturge for ensembles.