Anja Kreysing


Anja Kreysing

1967, Hamm

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The scholarship of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia for female media artists 2021 was awarded Anja Kreysing.

Members of the three-person jury were Dr. Inke Arns (Director, HMKV Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund), Iris Dressler (former Director HMKV Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund) and Vanessa Joan Müller (former Curator, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt am Main).

Jury statement
With the new technologies, our ideas and the “realities” of space, architecture and living have shifted considerably. Everyday life is already characterised by multiple overlaps between physical realities and the realities of “codes”. Mobility and fluctuation, data flows and hypertextures, the instable and the fluid, deterritorialisation and non-places are just some of the key concepts around which current discourses on new technologies, architecture and urbanity revolve. Utopias and dystopias are created in equal measure.
With the project AudioArchitect. reality dub, Anja Kreysing examines public and private spaces in various cities for their specific “sound patterns”. The sounds of public buildings, places and private spaces are to be recorded on an audio CD and then brought to the respective other “listening places” in the form of a “pocketarchitecture”, i.e. a technical device that mobilises the auditorily recorded location.
The concept was convincing because of its original approach to the acoustic de/mobilisation of architectures, spaces and places. The project was also positively evaluated for its use of different artistic materials, techniques and actions: it combines audio material, objects, communication design, low and high tech with performative approaches.
The work was shown in 2003 by HMKV Hartware MedienKunstVerein parallel to the exhibition games in the PHOENIX Halle in Dortmund.
The jury also gave two honourable mentions: Firstly, for Michaela Schweiger and her project Multipl(a)y by(e), which deals with the structure and architecture of so-called “cyber cities”. Secondly, for Susanne Brügger and her project Das Inselproblem (The Island Problem), which deals with the cartographability of public spaces.

Anja Kreysing (*1967 in Hamm) lives in Münster. She studied experimental film and sound art with Lutz Mommartz (master student); improvised music with Malcolm Goldstein and others; Certified Deep Listening Practitioner after Pauline Oliveros. Live soundtracks for film, theatre, performance; electroacoustic environments / sound installations; improvised music with accordion and electronics in the tradition of Experimental/Noise & Folklore Imaginaire, curator for “schwarz-weiss ist die bessere farbe”, label for film concerts and a/v art.

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