WORKSHOP | Copyright in digital event formats

WORKSHOP | Copyright in digital event formats

THU, 28. october 2021, 4-6 pm

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Especially in digital event formats via internet-based channels, with a potentially unlimited public, organisers and seminar leaders are often unsure where their own liability for shown content begins and ends. What needs to be pointed out in advance? Which declaration of consent should be obtained in advance? Which content can be shown in which context without hesitation?

Within the two-hour online workshop, the speaker Dr. iur. Till Kreutzer covered the following topics:

  • Basics of copyright: what is copyright, how does it come into being and how does it end?
  • Free uses in the context of culture and education: Quotations, satire, accessories, uses for teaching purposes (training, conferences).
  • Use of online content on platforms, social media and websites: Linking, embedding, sharing
  • Legally compliant use of open content: Creative Commons and the re-use of free images, texts, videos

After each part there is an open question and answer session.

We ask for your understanding that AN INDIVIDUAL LEGAL ADVICE CANNOT AND – for legal reasons – MUST NOT BE GIVEN WITHIN THE WORKSHOP. Such advice is only permissible within the framework of a lawyer’s mandate. Of course, the speaker will be happy to answer individual questions. However, questions related to specific individual cases (such as: “I have the following project, contracts are to be concluded there, how do I have to … formulate?“) cannot be answered during the workshop.

The workshop was held in German.

Dr. iur Till Kreutzer is a lawyer, legal scholar and publicist. He is co-founder and managing partner of the law firm iRights.Law as well as co-founder and editor of, the internet portal for consumers and creatives on copyright in the digital world, which has won several awards (including the Grimme Online Award 2006). He is a frequent invited expert for governments and parliaments on copyright reforms in the information society, both at national and EU level. He teaches at a variety of institutions on IT, copyright and personal rights.
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