Virtual Art – Forum Europe Ruhr

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Virtual Art – Forum Europe Ruhr

SA, 07.09.2017

Office medienwerk.nrwConference

Immersive technologies of augmented and virtual reality open up many new possibilities for actors in the cultural field. Especially artists and curators from media art and performance are currently questioning the opportunities and limits of the medium. To transcend the technology and to create new visual worlds and approaches is the claim and task of relevant contemporary art actors. Despite existing technical and financial hurdles, an impressive possibility of multisensory and multiperspectival art is now entering the field of the public. Artists are no longer alone, but surrounded by designers and programmers, or they become them.

In presentations and conversations, key European players talk about new modes of production, new modes of presentation, and changing modes of storytelling.

4x 15-minute presentations of the developed projects followed by a discussion.

Moderated by Klaas Werner (

Documentation on the forum

Block I – VR in the exhibition context

Tina Sauerländer (DE) – Curator of the exhibition “The Unframed World” at the House of Electronic Arts, Basel

Banz & Bowinkel (DE) – Media artists from NRW, working with VR technology

Block II – VR in interactive performances

Mona el Gammal (DE) – Theater maker and scenographer

Daniel Rammer, Lorenz Krautgartner (AT) – Collaborative VR-Videogame