Podcast behind the screens – behind the scenes | A MODEL WORLD


Podcast behind the screens – behind the scenes | A MODEL WORLD


Ten projects were selected within the framework of the new funding programmes Media Art Fund and Media Art Fellows. What do they all have in common? A cooperative mindset and the ambition to use media art and digital culture to explore current issues and developments in the field of art, technology and society. Author Olga Felker wants to find out from the contributors themselves what other thoughts and goals lie behind the projects of art and cultural institutions and initiatives from all over NRW. In the podcast behind the screens – behind the scenes, she talks to artists, curators and scientists about the essence of their projects and about the knowledge that media art and digital culture can contribute to current socio-political debates.

Episode 2: A Model World

In the second episode of behind the screens – behind the scenes, Olga Felker talks to curators Julia Kaganskiy and Juliette Bibasse about their research project A Model World, which was developed as part of the new Media Art Fellows programme. Julia and Juliette’s fellowship was based at the Stiftung Zollverein (Essen). It focuses on techniques for changing the climate, commonly known as geoengineering. The curators presented their research at the New Now Festival at Zeche Zollverein and are still working on making results available to the public on their website.

Julia Kaganskiy is an independent curator and cultural strategist working across art, design and technology with a focus on facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration.

Since 2009, Juliette Bibasse has been applying her skills to the digital art scene, creating connections and opportunities between artists, festivals and cultural actors.
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Portait: New Now festival, Juliette Bibasse – Julia Kaganskiy – A Calculated Risk workshop